Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Your PowerPoint...Now A CRM Tool!

Came across a very interesting new product/service to make your next presentation count call PresentNow which is a platform to help facilitate the all important "2-way Dialogue" and may even help you raise more money.

From their website:

How can Present Now help non-profits and charities?

First, kudos to you. You're out to do some good in the world and we need more people like you. Ultimately, all charities need donations to carry out their mission. You've no doubt been running lots of fund raisers and you're always looking for new donors. At your next event, make sure to give potential donors the opportunity to connect with you using Present Now. Once you have their contact information you can turning those contacts into donors.

I have sat in many (not as many as I would like) presentations wanting more information, or more importantly have given several presentations and wanted more feedback.

If we are finding ways to create more conversation from our PowerPoint presentations it has to be even easier to create more conversations with our Donors!

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