Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3 Things the American Cancer Society's "Report Card" Didn't Tell Me

As a follow up to my blog post yesterday someone sent me the American Cancer Society's 2011 "Report Card" that was recently posted to their website.

First, kudos to the American Cancer Society for making strides in the fight against Cancer in 2011!

Now here are a few comments (and I welcome others):

1) They should email it to me (yes, they have my email address)!
2) It feels heavy on facts and figures and lacks a "human feel".
3) They didn't tell me why my continued support was needed in 2012!

The American Cancer Society is a first-class organization in many ways so I will give them a pass on this single page as I suspect it was done by the Corporate Communications and not the Fundraising team so maybe this is type of communiciation is soon to follow!

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