Thursday, June 14, 2007

Live Life the Ebay Way

I am a huge fan of Ebay and have talked at length about my wins and losses to anyone who will listen.

Ebay offers a medium to find almost anything you could imagine and gives you a chance to get it for less than face value if your lucky.

Log on, search for what you want, put in the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item and go about your life until the auction ends. Ebay is so helpful that you don't even need to check back to see if you won, they will email you directly as soon as the auction ends to let you know you've won.

Yeah right!

I have bid on many auctions and can't remember one that didn't end with a flurry of last minute bids by people outdoing the current high bidder by $2.50 and in the interest of full disclosure I can't remember one auction I bid on where I wasn't one of THOSE PEOPLE!

The trick here is knowing what your MAXIMUM is...and if you know this you won't only be a power seller on Ebay but a master at life!

Outside of the Ebay world this concept can be referred to as your "Walk Away Position". At what point are you simply going to say this price is too high? Knowing the answer to this question before you log on to Ebay or walk into a car dealership will save you a lot of time and agony.

Understanding if your walk away position is stronger than the other bidders, the car salesman or your potential clients will make you a master at negotiation!

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